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Autumn Term 2017

Year 3 Curriculum Autumn 2017



Ancient Egyptian Myths & Legends

Quest stories

Traditional Poetry

Letter writing

Sentence types

Nouns, noun phrases & adjectives

Verbs and tense

Commas in lists



Number bonds

Mental addition & subtraction

Place value (ordering numbers, counting on and back in intervals)

Time and clocks (analogue and digital)


Fractions of numbers

Times tables & related division facts

Measures (length & capacity)

3D shapes



Forces & Magnets

  • Push and pull
  • Forces on different surfaces
  • Attract and repel
  • Materials and magnets

Rocks & Soils

  • Comparing & grouping rocks
  • Fossils
  • Properties of soil



Espresso Coding

Colour Magic (creating & developing images, repeated patterns)

Word (creating lists/instructions, combining pictures & borders etc)



Ancient Egypt

  • Timeline
  • Ancient and Modern Egypt
  • Mummification
  • Pyramid building and farming
  • Gods and goddesses
  • Egypt Day (15.9.17, no cost)



Cutting & folding skills

Egyptian collars

Egyptian hieroglyphics & cartouches



Design & make wooden picture frame



Singing, composing



PE & Games

Small games

Egyptian Dance

Football, netball, hockey, tag rugby


Forest School

Back to Basics

  • Shelter building
  • Stick and clay animals
  • Team building


w/c 2rd October – 3BC

w/c 9th October – 3FI

w/c 16th October – 3R


Class Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and is due back the following Monday.

Weekly Maths homework will be given out by set teachers on a Friday and is due back the following Friday.


Dates to end of year

Christmas pantomime - Aladdin (December 7th)

'Stepping Out' Pedestrian Training Programme (local area, end of January tbc)

Roman Day (in school, March 12th)

Visit to Ilam & Stapenhill walk (May/June, tbc)

Visit to St Peters’ Church (June, tbc)




Links to a vast bank of online activities relating to all curriculum areas can be found at:

(curriculum links)

(learning zone)

Ancient Egypt activities:



It would be helpful if you could provide your child with an old pair of shoes, trainers or football boots. These should be in a plastic bag with their name on and kept in school throughout the term. If children are unable to participate in games activities they should bring note to explain why. Children will be asked to remove watches, earrings and nose studs for P.E. Thank you.        





Y3 Curriculum Plan (Autumn 1 2017)

Year 3 Curriculum Plan (Autumn 2 2017)