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Charges and Remissions





Charging for educational activities in LEA or grant-maintained schools is covered by SS 106 (as amended) 111 and 117 – 118 of the Education Reform Act 1988.


The basic principle is that education for registered pupils in maintained schools should be free of charge if it:


  1. takes place in school hours (i.e. the hours when the school is in session not counting

the midday break), or


  1. is outside school hours but is required as part of a syllabus for a prescribed public

examination, or is part of the National Curriculum, or part of the statutory religious



The only exceptions are:


  1. a charge can be made for tuition provided individually or to a group of no more than

six pupils in a musical instrument (but not vocal tuition), even if within school hours, except where it is part of the syllabus of a prescribed public examination or

part of the National Curriculum when it must be provided free.


  1. a charge can be made for any non-school education which may be provided by a

grant-maintained school as an agent of an LEA under s.57(5) of the 1988 Act.





The charges to which the Act refers are, according to s.118, those levied by governing bodies or LEAs, but not other bodies, and which are payable by pupils or their parents.  It permits charges for such activities as school book clubs or youth organisations which might be given access to the pupils via the school.




The following charges will therefore be made:-


(a)  Board and Lodging Charges


      where the board and lodging is directly provided by County Council through the 

      outdoor education centres, a daily charge reviewed annually will be made.  In

      other cases there shall be a charge equivalent to an apportionment of the charge.



(b)  Instrumental Tuition


      Charges shall be made for tuition, provided individually or to groups of four or

      less, in a musical instrument.


(c)  Hire of Musical Instruments for Home Practising


      An annual charge may be made as a contribution to the cost of repairs and



(d)  Other Cases


      In all other cases where charges are permitted by section 109 of the 1988 Act for

      activities wholly or mainly outside school hours, a charge equivalent to an

      apportionment of the cost of the activity to the County Council may be made.




      i)   where pupils whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit

go on residential trips in circumstances where section 109 of the 1988 Act would permit charges for board and lodging only, these charges shall be wholly remitted.


     ii)  where pupils whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit

           hire musical instruments the normal annual hiring charge shall be wholly





The Finance Committee will review, on an annual basis, charges over which the Governing Body has discretion to levy.


Therefore, chargeable rates (e.g. private telephone calls, private photocopying, adult meals and lettings) will be reviewed in accordance with the Schools Scheme of Delegation.


Any decisions made should be reported to the next Full Governing Body Meeting who in turn should minute their acceptance of the review.  The chargeable rates should be recorded in the minutes.



Music Tuition Charges for 2017


  • £65.00 for one child
  • £85.00 for two children in the same family


Charges for Standon Bowers:


  • 20167– charges £160 per Child




Reviewed December 2016


To be reviewed December 2017