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Class homework

Space Homework Given Friday 22nd March Due in Wednesday 10th April

Moon Diary Given: 15.3.19 Due in: 20.3.19

Fronted Adverbials Given 8.3.19 Due in 13.3.19

Friday 1st February - Favourite Book

Friday 25th January - Design your own theatre backdrop for The Wind in the Willows.

Punctuating Speech Homework Given: 18.1.19 Due in: 23.1.19

Christmas Traditions - 7.12.18

Sir Isaac Newton Research Given: 30.11.18 Due in: 5.12.18

Brackets - given 23.11.18 due in 28.11.18

16.11.18 Antonyms due back 21.11.18

09.11.18 - Apostrophes for contractions sheet.



12.10.18 - Rainforest Mask homework Due in 24.10.18


Your teacher will give you a mask template.  Be creative and make a mask on the theme of Rainforests.  Think about different rainforest animals, birds, trees, plants and fruit.  Add any materials you wish.

- 5.10.18 Etymology of words due in 10.10.18

28.09.18 - There/their and they're worksheet.

21.09.2018 - Synonyms

14.09.2018 - Punctuation Hunt - Due in Wednesday 19th September.