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Class homework

Set: 12.1.18 Due in: 17.1.18

Our English topic is currently Classic Fiction. Linked to this, and our reading curriculum, we would like you to bring in a favourite book that you can present to the class. Choose a book that you have enjoyed reading in your childhood so far. It can be a book that you loved when you were tiny and/or a book that was read to you. If you don’t have a copy of the book still, make sure you know the title and author so that we can search for it online.

You must be prepared to spend a few minutes talking about the book – why you love it and who you would recommend it to. might want to make notes to help you with your presentation.

Set: 1.12.17 Due in: 13.12.17 Christmas Customs Homework


Please complete the idiomatic phrases sheet.


Please complete the their, there, they're sheet.


Please colour the given world map to show the different climates then stick the animals in the correct areas.

Etymology Homework.

Rainforest Mask - due in 11.10.17

Antonyms Homework Given: 29.9.17 Due in: 4.10.17

Synonyms Homework - 22.9.17