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Class homework

Year 3 - The Best Bits!

Date given: Wednesday 11th July

Hand in by: Monday 16th July


Present your best bits from Year 3 in a way of your own choosing!  Click on the prompt below for ideas.

Rocket Reading Challenge

Date given: Wednesday 6th June

Hand in by: Monday 9th July


Read to an adult 25 times at home to blast your rocket into space and receive the Rocket Reading certificate!

Spelling Word Search

Date given: Wednesday 16th May

Hand in by: Monday 21st May


This week we would like you to create a home-made word search using a mixture of this week’s spellings and the Year 3 words (in the green spelling book).  You can either create your own grid or use the template.  Why not give your word search a title and decorate it with a border to make it more attractive?  On Monday we will collect up all the word searches and then hand them out so that you can take home someone else’s to complete!  Word searches are a brilliant way to practise and learn spellings, and they’re fun too! 

Stapenhill Village Planning

Date given: Wednesday 9th May

Hand in by: Monday 14th May


Design a new attraction or amenity for Stapenhill!  See prompt sheet below.


Date given: Wednesday 2nd May

Hand in by: Tuesday 8th May


Write your own set of instructions using all the features we have been learning about.  Click below for the prompt sheet.

World Map Labelling

Date given: Wednesday 25th April

Hand in by: Monday 30th April


Can you correctly label the world's continents and oceans? Cut out the labels along the bottom of the sheet and stick them on the correct places on the map.  (If you don't have scissors and glue, you can write the labels instead.)

Sketching Natural Objects

Date given: Wednesday 18th April

Hand in by: Monday 23rd April


Make pencil sketches of natural objects.  Click on the link below for the prompt sheet.

Miniature Garden

Date given: Wednesday 21st March

Hand in by: Monday 16th April (first day back after Easter)



Click on the link below for instructions and ideas.

Roman Day Photo

Date given: Wednesday 14th March

Hand in by: Monday 19th March


Draw a 'photo' from the day!  Click on the link below for the prompt sheet.

Design a Bag Competition

Date given: Wednesday 7th March

Hand in by: Monday 12th March


Aldi and Team GB are challenging young people aged 5–14 to get creative and design a  reusable bag that will inspire others to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. The winner will see their bag on sale in Aldi stores!  You have seen the PowerPoint in school and have been given the design template sheet.  Click on the link below if you need another one.

Food Diary

Date given: Wednesday 28th February

Hand in by: Monday 5th March


Complete a food diary by recording all the foods you eat over the weekend. Click on the link below for the prompt sheet. 

Read 30 Challenge!

Date given: Wednesday 10th January

Hand in by: Friday 9th February


Complete all 30 reading tasks in 30 days to receive a special Read 30 certificate!  Click on the links below for more detailed information as well as the 30 reading tasks...

French (Revision of Rigolo Unit 1)


Date given: Wednesday 29th November

Hand in by: Monday 4th December


Complete the two activities on the sheet revising mainly numbers and musical instruments.  Ask your teacher if you need another sheet!

Mary Anning Research & Fact File


Date given: Wednesday 15th November

Hand in by: Monday 27th November

**You have 2 weeks to complete this homework!**


Find out about fossil hunter Mary Anning.  Create a fact file using everything you discover!  See prompt sheet below.  Use the Information sheet to help if you need it.

Fireworks Poem


Date given: Wednesday 8th November

Hand in by: Monday 13th November


Write your own fireworks poem.  See prompt sheet below for ideas...



Date given: Wednesday 1st November

Hand in by: Monday 6th November


Produce a piece of artwork that reflects a dream you have had.  See prompt sheet below.



Date given: Wednesday 11th October

Hand in by: Monday 30th October


Can you make a sarcophagus?  See prompt below.



Date given: Wednesday 4th October

Hand in by: Monday 9th October


Produce and write something about the weather.  See prompt sheet below for list of ideas.

PE Obstacle Course


Date given: Wednesday 27th September

Hand in by: Monday 2nd October


Design and set up an obstacle course.  See prompt sheet below.

Your Name


Date given: Wednesday 20th September

Hand in by: Monday 25th September


Write about your name!  Click on link below for the prompt sheet.


Noun Phrases


Date given: Wednesday 13th September

Hand in by: Monday 18th September


Choose any picture and stick it into your homework book.  Write five sentences about your picture, choosing adjectives to describe the nouns.  These will be noun phrases.  Underline your adjectives.




Personalise your Homework Book


Date given: Wednesday 6th September

Hand in by: Monday 11th September


Decorate your new homework book to suit your style and personality!