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Class homework

Handwrite a Poem


Date given: Wednesday 14th November

Hand in by: Monday 19th November


Copy out or write your own poem in your very best joined handwriting!  See the prompt sheet below for details.



Date given: Wednesday 17th October

Hand in by: Monday 12th November


Make a sarcophagus!  Can you make a mummy to fit inside?  Make a list (or draw pictures) of all the things you would like to take with you to the Afterlife.

Sleep Diary


Date given: Wednesday 10th October

Hand in by: Thursday 18th October


Complete the sleep diary by keeping a record of how much sleep you get each night for one week.

Fairy Tale Read Off!


Date given: Wednesday 19th September

Hand in by: Monday 8th October


How many fairy tales can you read in three weeks?  Keep a record and complete at least one of the tasks from the sheet below.


Fairy Tale Objects


Date given: Wednesday 12th September

Hand in by: Monday 17th September


Bring in three objects which are clues for a fairy tale.  Click on the link below for the prompt sheet.

Personalise your Homework Book


Date given: Wednesday 5th September

Hand in by: Monday 10th September


Decorate your new homework book to suit your style and personality!