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Class Homework

Date set: 19/1/18

Date due: 24/01/18

Note for parents:

As part of the National Curriculum for Reading, children are expected to: 

  • read and discuss an increasingly wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks
  • recommend books that they have read to their peers, giving reasons for their choices
  • identify and discuss themes and conventions in and across a wide range of writing
  • make comparisons within and across books

Therefore, we have given the children the following task for homework this week: 


Bring in your favourite reading book and be prepared to discuss it next week. Think about the following points:

- Why is it your favourite book?

- What is your favourite part of the book and why?

- What genre is the book? Why do you like this genre?

- Have you read other books by this author? How does this one compare to the others?

- Identify examples of effective language (e.g. personification, alliteration, rhyming, similes, adjectives etc.) 

- Would you recommend your book to a friend? Why?