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Tuesday 16th October

This House believes that Roald Dahl is a better author than David Walliams.

** Debater of the week - Lydia **


Next week's debate...


This House believes that animals should never have been used for war purposes.

Debaters of the Week

*** Hall of Fame ***


Lydia  (Roald Dahl vs David Walliams  6.11.18)

Caitlyn  (giving to homeless  25.10.18)

Alex S.  (Fortnite  16.10.18)

Izzy  (ghosts  9.10.18)

Theo  (zoos and aquariums  4.10.18)

Mia  (unhealthy food in lunch boxes   25.9.18)

Isobella  (mobile phones in school  18.9.18)

Kasey  (replacing teachers with computers  11.6.18)

Brodie  (usefulness of SATS  14.5.18)

Izzy  (winning in sport  30.4.18)

Sophie Sa.  (sugar tax 23.4.18)

Ella  (existence of alien life  19.3.18)

Lorraine  (start school day with physical exercise  12.3.18) 

Maisie  (children outside during break/lunch times  5.3.18)

Katie S. (limited time on electronic devices Pt 2  26.2.18)

Adam (limited time on electronic devices  5.2.18)

Izzy (free bus travel 29.1.18)

Skylla (fines for holidays during term time 22.1.18)

Katie S. 3BC  (public libraries 15.1.18)

Sydney (existence of God 8.1.18)

Skylla (cats vs dogs 27.11.17)

Roman (corporal punishment 20.11.17)