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Mrs Sprenglewski and Mrs Caulton's Set



Homework 6.10


Please practise reading and writing Roman numerals up to 100 for a quiz next week.

Please complete the Roman numerals sheet given to you at school.



Please complete the subtraction sheet given to you in your homework book. You can use the

compact or expanded written method. If you have lost your sheet, please practise

subtraction of two 3-digit numbers.


Please practise your 6 x table and complete the sheet given to you.

Homework 24.11.2017

Please learn your 7 times table. You will be given a mental quiz on this next week.

Homework 1/12/2017

8.12.2017 Homework

Homework 12.1.2018

Please complete the sheet on finding factors.

Homework 19.1.2018

Please complete the grid multiplication sheet given to you.

Homework 26.1.2018

Please practise the 6,7,8 and 9 x tables by playing the snakes and ladders game given to you. You will have a quiz on these times tables on Friday.

Homework 2.2.18

Homework 9.2.2018 Times Table Word Problems

Homework 9.3.2018

Equivalent Fractions

Please complete the sheet given to you on equivalent fractions. You will be given a quiz on this next week.

Homework 16.3.2018

Fraction Pyramids

Complete the fraction pyramid sheet given to you in school.

Homework Friday 20th April 

Please play the times table board game and keep practising multiplication and division facts for all of the times tables. 

Homework 27th April 2018

Money Word Problems    11.5.2018

Please complete the money word problem sheet given to you. Think carefully about the correct method to use for each question and remember to show your working out.

Time Conversion 18/5/2018

Please complete the time conversion worksheet given to you.


Time Tables 25.5.2018

There is not any written maths homework set for over the half term holiday. Please continue to learn your times tables and work on answering with increased speed. You might like to try to improve your score on Times Tables Rock Stars too!