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Spring Term 2018

Year 5 Curriculum Spring 2017


R.E.                                                                                         History

The Qu'ran                                                                              Tudors


Stories that convey meanings


ICT                                                                                          P.E.

Graphic Modelling                                                                   Gymnastics/apparatus

Comic Life                                                                               Dance

Coding                                                                                    Tennis

Flowol - inputting commands


Games                                                                                    Art

Hockey                                                                                    Picasso

Football                                                                                   William Morris





English                                                                                   Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Classic Literature (designing and making an

Classic poetry hydraulic powered model)

Journalistic style Cookery and Nutrition - making pizzas




Mental and written strategies for multiplication and division

Fractions, decimals and percentages.


  • Finding equivalence between fractions
  • Improper/mixed fractions
  • Finding fractions of quantities
  • Solving fraction word problems
  • Finding fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents
  • Solving simple percentage problems


2D and 3D shapes, nets, angles, rotation.



Living Things and Their Habitats

Earth in Space


Forest Schools


5HN 21th March 2017

5CL 28th March 2017

5G 5th April 2017


Monday 4th April - Tudor Day


Please Note: Children will be asked to remove watches, earrings and nose studs for P.E. Thank you.

Year 5 Curriculum Plan (Spring 1 2017)
Year 5 Curriculum Plan (Spring 2 2017)