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Spring Term Curriculum 2018

Year 4 Curriculum Spring 2017


Maths                                                                                   Geography


Place Value                                                                          Comparative Study

Ordering and Rounding                                                        France and England - Paris and London

  1. Subtraction (written methods)                                          Distribution of Resources
  2. and division                                                                      (where does our food come from)

Calculations and problem solving

Problem solving                                                                    Art

Properties of shapes

Measure                                                                               Henri Matisse

Data Handling                                                                      Paint mixing

Angles                                                                                  Sculpture


Reasoning about numbers                                                   Music

Properties of number

Fractions                                                                              Percussion

Singing                                                                                 Recorders

                                                                                             Music from other traditions



English                                                                                P.E.


  1. (word types, use of apostrophes)                                    Outdoor Games (Burton Albion
  1. text (Including online) Gymnastics


Science instructors)                                                            ICT

States of matter                                                                   Coding

body (humans and animals)                                                Stop frame animation

planting and growing                                                          Research

                                                                                               Collecting and presenting information



Forest Schools

Living off the land -

Forest Schools Dates

4C 13th March 2017

4L 27th February 2017

4SC 6th March 2017


R.E.                                                                                     D.T.

Signs and Symbols                                                          Cooking - making crepes

Lent                                                                                      Cooking from local produce



Please Note: Children will be asked to remove watches and earrings (and nose studs) for P.E. Thank you.

Year 4 Curriculum Plan (Spring 1 2017)
Year 4 Curriculum Plan (Spring 2 2017)