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Summer Term 2018

Year 5 Curriculum Summer 2017


English Forest Schools


Biographies/Autobiographies 22nd-26th May 5HN

Performance Poetry 5th-9th June 5CL

Slam Poetry 12th-16th June 5G


Maths                                                                  Computing

Place Value, Ordering, Rounding, Calculators

Pencil and Paper Procedures x and ÷                                                      Photostory

Mental Calculation Strategies x and ÷                                                      Data Bases

Fractions, Decimals, %, Ratio and Proportion                                          Spreadsheets

Interpreting Data in bar line charts                                                           Coding

Modes                                                                                                      Flowel-branching database

Reflective Symmetry


Mental Calculations + and -                                                                   Music

Pencil and Paper Procedures + and -

Problem Solving                                                                                    Appreciation

Measures: Weight, Capacity, Area and                                                 Composing

Perimeter                                                                                               Notation } Depending on class

                                                                                                               Singing and Recorders




North and South America                                                                     Science

                                                                                                              Living Things and Their Habitats



PE + Games Design & Technology


Kwik Cricket Cooking-Healthy cakes

Rounders Hydraulics and Pneumatics



Dance                                                                                                   RE


                                                                                                             Old Testament Prophet

Art                                                                   Prayer and Worship

Soft Sculpture } Depending on

Canal Art each class



'Make It Real' Project - Cross Curricular Topic (Last 2 weeks of Summer Term)

Will include a 'Mock' interview for children and visits from Fire and Police Services.
Year 5 Curriculum Plan (Summer 1 2017)
Year 5 Curriculum Plan (Summer 2 2017)