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Year 4 group

WB 24.9.18 Homophones (3)

wb 1.10.18 homophones

wb 8.10.18 g sound spelt gue

wb 14.01.19 inter and super and anti as a prefix.

wb 15.10.18 igh sound

11.3.19 suffix change y for ily

wb 22.10.18 sh sound spelt ch

wb 6.11.18 s sound spelt sc

19.11.2018 in and im prefix

wb 3.12.18 Autumn Words recap

08.01.19 auto- and sub- prefixes

wb 21.1.19 -sure and -ture words

wb 28.1.19 -ation suffix

wb 18.3.19 remove le and add ly