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Year 5

Let's look at what Year 5 have been doing this year:

Fire and Rescue Service Visit Year 5

Year 5 were treated to a visit by Blue Watch from Burton Fire Station today. The firefighters answered the children’s questions and were shown the range of equipment the firefighters carry with them. Some of the children even got to try on some of the gear the firefighters wear in their fire and rescue work! After that, they were given a tour of the fire engine and shown some of the big fire and rescue equipment it carries, such as the powerful hydraulic spreaders used to prise open car doors. The children practised throwing a line to save people from drowning, and got to sit in the back of the cab! By the end of the morning, all the children wanted a job in the fire and rescue service, mainly so they could rescue cats stuck in trees!

Living Things and their Habitats

During the summer term, Y5 have been studying the life cycles of animals and plants. Earlier in the term, they tried different methods of propagating plants and observed and recorded the development of caterpillars into butterflies. More recently, the class incubated bantam eggs, watched them hatch out and christened the chicks: Ashley, Cluck Norris, Eric and Gertrude! Since then, the children have been weighing and observing the chicks daily to chart their development and growth. As they've grown and become more lively, they often make a break for freedom (the chicks, I mean) when they're weighed, but the children have become very skilled at rounding them up! Everyone loves them and there are never shortages of volunteers to clean the cage out or weigh them. At the end of the term, the chicks will join the hens and ducks in the Forest School area, and the children will be able to see them grow into adults.

P.S. See some of the final pics to see how much the chicks have grown in just 4 weeks!

Forest School - Summer term

In Forest School this week, 5CL looked at the Native American traditions of totems and dream catchers. The children looked for pieces of wood that resembled an animal and carved and painted them. Can you work out what animals they are? Also, they made dream catchers from woodland materials. Finally, they worked in teams to cross the Mississippi River using only two tyres and two pieces of wood!

Performing Poetry!

Over Easter, Y5 were given the task of learning a classic poem, such  as William Wordsworth's My Heart Leaps Up, off by heart. Today, all the children were given the opportunity to perform their poems to groups, to their classes and to all of Y5. Here are some of the brave souls who recited their poems to all of Y5!

Tudor Day - April 3rd 2017

Year 5 were visited by a Tudor farmwife and priest today. Mistress Fletcher and Father Michael led the children through everyday scenarios from Tudor times, including schoolwork, games, militia drill, village and national politics and a witch trial! The children took on roles throughout the day, with Master Danny getting a telling off from Father Michael for being 4 hours late at the crossroads! Amongst other accusations, Mistress Isobel was accused of curdling a villager's milk and, despite heartfelt pleas for clemency, the jury was in no mind to heed them and found her guilty of witchery! Lord Alfie decreed that she be burned at the stake (on the next market day to ensure a good audience). All of this was duly noted and recorded by Scribe Samuel, and Constable Olaf made sure that the prisoner did not escape!

Bread and Pizza Making!

Y5 learned how to make bread for a pizza base, made the sauce from scratch and chose their favourite toppings for a pizza! They cooked them in the oven to make some amazingly scrummy food - much better than those frozen ones from the supermarket! Back in the classroom, the children learned about fibre and why our bodies need 'poop' food. It's pizza on the menu tonight!

Year 5 at The New Vic Theatre!

Year 5 visited the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme to see the winter production of The Snow Queen. As always, the theatre put on an amazing production! Back in school, the children will be doing lots of English work that links in with their visit!

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Stir fry cookery with Y5!

Every child from Y5 was shown how to prepare vegetables and chicken for cooking. Mrs Bexson then demonstrated how to stir fry them in the right order. The children chose their ingredients from the fantastic range of produce they had brought in, stir fried them, then finished their dishes off with a sauce of their choice. All the children tried vegetables they hadn't eaten before. After that, they taste tested their dishes for flavour, texture and general yumminess!

Back in the classroom, the children learned about the importance of vitamins in a healthy balanced diet. Some of the children learned about different vitamins and which foods they are in, whilst others learned about the importance of vitamins and why the body needs them.

Bible Workshop with St Peter's Church

As part of their RE studies, Y5 took part in a Bible workshop led by members St Peters' Church. The children were given a presentation which told the history of the Old and New Testaments. Members from St Peters' Church took on the roles of some of the key characters, and the children were given the opportunity to taste foods from the Middle East and dress up in traditional costume.

Design and Technology with 5CL
During the first week of the Autumn term, 5CL designed and made buggies for Mr Clowes' cuddly toys!
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