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18.5.18 Identify acute, obtuse and reflex angles. Every child should have a sheet to complete.
19.1.18 Times tables homework. Everyone should have a sheet to practise the times table he or she is working on.

12.1.18 Multiplication worksheet. Use written methods to work them out. For the decimal problems, partition the ones and the 0.1s

e.g. 4.6 x 7 = (4 x 7) + (0.6 x 7) = 28 + 4.2 = 32.2

24.11.17 Line Graph worksheet. Return by next Wednesday please.
17.11.17 Times tables sheet
29/9/17 Negative Numbers Worksheets
28.4.17 - Times Tables sheet - see Mr Clowes for your sheet.
Set: 10.3.17 - Times Tables
27.1.17 - Times tables
13.1.17 - This week you should be practising the next times table you need to achieve ready to be tested on Friday (20.1.17).
6.1.17 - This week we will be practising mental multiplication of 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.

Christmas Jokes homework - work out the answers to the calculations and find the punchline to the joke.

See sheet given.

Due in 14.12.16

Rapid Recall of personal times tables target