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Autumn Term 2018

Year 6 Curriculum


Literacy                                                                       History

Narrative writing in different genres                             Time-line

Secret Garden                                                              Victorians and the changing role

SPAG                                                                            of monarchs.                        

Local History                                                                 Crime and punishment in Victorian times.

Forest Schools                                                              Chart the life of a Victorian child




Numeracy (Mathematics)


Value & the 4 operations (x ÷ + -)

Fractions                                                                       Portraits

Geometry - position and direction                                 Pop Art

Mental Arithmetic                                                          Famous Artists

Tables daily work


Science                                                                        PE


Electricity                                                                      Indoor Games





                                                                                     Tag Rugby

Coding - Espresso/Purple Mash                                   Netball

Research                                                                       Football




                                                                                       Keyboards and other instruments

Islam                                                                               Music appreciation

Christianity Singing


Educational Trips


2nd October - Visit to Galleries                                      Electical Buggies

of Justice in Nottingham (see separate letter)


French                                                                           Homework

Rigalo                                                                             Home on Friday

                                                                                       Back on Wednesday

Dates in term


10th September 6G Forest Schools

17th September 6GI Forest Schools

24th September 6L Forest Schools

27th September Parents SATs meeting 6.30pm (Rearranged)

2nd October Y6 Visit to galleries of Justice in Nottingham



Dates to end of academic year 2018 - 2019


4th March Shakespeare Workshop - Approximately £8

Summer Term Viking Workshop – Approximately £8


Year 6 SATs week Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May 2019


Writing is assessed continually throughout the spring and summer term and in particular during May and June. It is therefore essential that children do not take holidays during May and June in addition to during SATs week (13th to 16th May 2019.)


Standon Bowers Year 6 Residential Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July 2019