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Class homework

Limericks Poetry Homework

Poetry Recital Given Friday 17th May Due in Wednesday 5th June

Biography Homework Given Friday 3rd May Due in Wednesday 8th May

Space Homework Given Friday 22nd March Due in Wednesday 10th April

Moon Diary Given: 15.3.19 Due in: 20.3.19

Fronted Adverbials Given 8.3.19 Due in 13.3.19

Friday 1st February - Favourite Book

Friday 25th January - Design your own theatre backdrop for The Wind in the Willows.

Punctuating Speech Homework Given: 18.1.19 Due in: 23.1.19

Christmas Traditions - 7.12.18

Sir Isaac Newton Research Given: 30.11.18 Due in: 5.12.18

Brackets - given 23.11.18 due in 28.11.18

16.11.18 Antonyms due back 21.11.18

09.11.18 - Apostrophes for contractions sheet.



12.10.18 - Rainforest Mask homework Due in 24.10.18


Your teacher will give you a mask template.  Be creative and make a mask on the theme of Rainforests.  Think about different rainforest animals, birds, trees, plants and fruit.  Add any materials you wish.

- 5.10.18 Etymology of words due in 10.10.18

28.09.18 - There/their and they're worksheet.

21.09.2018 - Synonyms

14.09.2018 - Punctuation Hunt - Due in Wednesday 19th September.