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Class homework

Mary Anning Research


Date given: Wednesday 28th November

Hand in by: Monday 17th December


Create a fact file all about Mary Anning, the famous fossil hunter.  If you can't get to the library or onto the Internet, use the fact sheet to help you. 

Ultimate Bed!


Date given: Wednesday 21st November

Hand in by: Monday 26th November


To link in with our work on sleep, we would like you to design your ultimate bed!  Draw a picture of the best kind of bed you can imagine.  Think about what special features it might have and why it would give you such a peaceful, dreamy night’s sleep!  Write a paragraph which describes your bed, remembering to use plenty of adventurous and exciting adjectives!  Let your imagination run wild with this task…  We don’t want to read about normal, wooden beds!

Handwrite a Poem


Date given: Wednesday 14th November

Hand in by: Monday 19th November


Copy out or write your own poem in your very best joined handwriting!  See the prompt sheet below for details.



Date given: Wednesday 17th October

Hand in by: Monday 12th November


Make a sarcophagus!  Can you make a mummy to fit inside?  Make a list (or draw pictures) of all the things you would like to take with you to the Afterlife.

Sleep Diary


Date given: Wednesday 10th October

Hand in by: Thursday 18th October


Complete the sleep diary by keeping a record of how much sleep you get each night for one week.

Fairy Tale Read Off!


Date given: Wednesday 19th September

Hand in by: Monday 8th October


How many fairy tales can you read in three weeks?  Keep a record and complete at least one of the tasks from the sheet below.


Fairy Tale Objects


Date given: Wednesday 12th September

Hand in by: Monday 17th September


Bring in three objects which are clues for a fairy tale.  Click on the link below for the prompt sheet.

Personalise your Homework Book


Date given: Wednesday 5th September

Hand in by: Monday 10th September


Decorate your new homework book to suit your style and personality!