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Week 5.


If you haven't put your own post on the blog yet, give it a go this week please. The instructions are below from when we first set it up.

Week 4 - Continue to read and comment on the blog please. It is a great way of keeping in touch with everyone. We are really enjoying reading your comments and posts and answering them so keep it up!

Week 3.

If you haven't already commented or posted on the blog - and some of you have, well done - please do so this week. You can either comment on someone else's post or create a post of your own...the instructions are here. smiley

We have opened a blog on Purple Mash to cover part of the Computing curriculum for this term. 


Log on to Purple Mash using your user name and password (this was stuck in your School Closure Book).


Click on "Sharing" in the top left corner.


Click on the "Shared Blogs" tab.


Click on "Keeping up with the Teachers".


If you click on the first post on the blog, it will open up and you can scroll down and read the comments. You can comment by clicking in the "Leave the Comment" box, typing and clicking "Post comment".


If you want to leave your own post for others to comment on, click on the green plus sign in the top right corner and a box will open up. You can then leave your own post.


Your comment or post will not appear straight away as the teachers will need to approve it before it becomes visible...we will be checking every day in order to do this.


There is a bit more information in the document below for your parents to have a look at.


Enjoy your blogging...this is a great way for us all to keep in touch and is also part of the Computing curriculum! Can't wait to read your comments!

Blog - Frequently Asked Questions