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For children who are self isolating

If you are having to self isolate but are feeling well, we have provided some guidance on activities that are in line with learning in school.


You can access Oak Academy Year 4 by clicking on the following link:

From this page you can access work for a range of subjects with video clips of lessons. See guidance below on which lessons to complete.



 Addition and Subtraction lessons from Oak Academy

You may also find it useful to answer questions from the White Rose booklet below. Answers are included at the end.

Also continue to learn your times tables. You might find it useful to go on Times Table Rockstars to help build up your speed and accuracy.  



English Grammar units from Oak Academy

Here you will find lessons for sentence, word and punctuation level objectives.



Electricity unit from Oak Academy



Our topic for this half term is World War 2.

You can research useful information about WW2 on the following link: 

You may like to create a poster showing any interesting facts that you find out.



Learn our  weekly spelling pattern. You can find the list on the school website:  



Read for pleasure and enjoy discussing your books with people at home. In addition, learn about making predictions. You can access the below PowerPoint and activities to practise answering questions focusing on making predictions. (see purple square at bottom of page for activities)



Remember to stay active. There are many Joe Wicks workouts online that you might find fun. Or how about creating your own fitness routine in the same style!




We look forward to seeing you back at school soon.

The Year 4 Teachers