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Governors Pen Portraits 2019 - 2020

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Claire Rogers                     Co-opted Governor

Hello, my name is Claire Rogers and I have been recently appointed as a Governor at Edge Hill School, my daughter is in her final year at Edge Hill so am very familiar with the school.

I have been considering taking up a governor’s role for a while now, and started officially in September. I am the Managing Director of a social care organisation that provides care and support to families and children with disabilities so I am hoping that my experience working with children and leading Ofsted regulated services will help the school to achieve the outstanding rating that it deserves. I will be taking the lead on all things SEN and safeguarding to support the great work undertaken by Mrs Foster. I would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact me through the school on:




Carolyn Robinson:                    

Hello my name is Carolyn Robinson and my association with Edge Hill Junior School has been long and happy spanning nearly thirteen years both as a parent and more recently as a Governor.  I was appointed as a Community Governor in 2006 and took over the role of Chair of Governors two years later.  My experience throughout this time has been extremely rewarding and has enabled me to talk regularly with children, staff and parents to understand how together we can raise standards and enhance and improve school life.   My duties involve supporting the Head teacher and senior teachers across many aspects of school business and enable me to be regularly involved in monitoring children’s progress and achievement at the school.

My motive for becoming a school governor was to give something back to both the school and the community and to contribute some of my own work experience to the governing body.

If you wish to contact me about any concerns, I would always be pleased to hear from you.’  you can contact me on




Mike Mander                              Headteacher Governor

I have been the Headteacher and on the Governing Body at Edge Hill for 21 years. Prior to joining Edge Hill as Headteacher I worked in Birmingham for over 15 years in several schools across the whole primary school range from Reception to Year 6. It has been a privilege and hugely rewarding working with governors, staff and children at Edge Hill over the years continuously improving the school. I am totally committed to providing the children in our school with the best education and opportunities that I can working together with the whole school community.


The children are an absolute delight who never cease to impress me with their determination, hard work and positive attitude to school.

I am very proud to work at Edge Hill with such a committed and hard-working staff and have relished the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of developing Edge Hill into the good school it is today.  



Jane Foster:                            Staff Governor

I have had the privilege of being a teacher at Edge Hill Junior School for 23 years. I have taught years 3,4,5 and 6 and I have had responsibility for RE, Art and Science. I was Assistant Head for 10 years and I have been Deputy Head for 4 years. I have a range of roles within school including a responsibility for Safeguarding, SEND, Attendance, Behaviour, Bullying, EAL and Teaching and Learning. Edge Hill is a great place to work and a great place to learn. The ethos in school is a happy one and it is paramount to us that children are happy in school. I have been a governor of the school for a number of years and as part of that team, the governors have worked successfully alongside all staff and parents to provide challenging, enjoyable and worthwhile learning experiences for the children in our care.


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Mrs Claire Rogers

Co-opted (Chair)


01/09/2017 – 08/10/2021

Mrs Carolyn Robinson




Mrs Amanda Prosser-Davies




Mr James Atkin

Parent Governor



Mrs Helene Clarke




Dr Michael Mander


Mrs Jane Foster Staff