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Today, we would like you to write a piece entitled "My Lockdown Experience".


Think about how you felt at the beginning of lockdown when school was first closed. What you thought you'd miss, what you were looking forward to.

Then describe your lockdown - what did you miss, what did you enjoy? Did anything sad or worrying happen? Did anything fantastic happen?

Then think about how you feel now lockdown is being lifted bit by bit. Do you have any worries? What have you done that you couldn't do before? What are you looking forward to?


Do you think lockdown has changed you? Or your family?


You have two days to complete this writing so write some notes today, do a bit of a plan and then start the first part. Complete it tomorrow.


The children who are back at school are doing this too...I would like to put some on the website so you can all share your experiences. You can either type it up or photograph it and then send it to by Wednesday please.


If there are any parts of your work you would prefer I didn't put on the website, just let me know and I'll make sure I don't include them.