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Summer Term 1

And so the Summer Term starts - the term we were all dreading with those tests we don't talk about looming! You all would have been fine!

This is also the term when we would spend a lot of time preparing for moving to your high schools. With this in mind, we have planned the school closure work slightly differently. There is a maths lesson and an English lesson for every day plus one lesson a week for Science, History, Geography, RE, French and Art. This will give you the chance to keep up with your maths and English whilst also completing work in other subjects that will be useful for Year 7.


However, only do what you feel you are able to do! Your parents are doing an amazing job, I am sure, but they also have other things they need to do. These lessons have been designed so that most of you can do them independently so do try to do this.


If you find they are taking longer than you thought or you are struggling, please don't get worried! It is important that you spend time with your family, play games, go outside, help around the house and relax too! We are living through strange times and the lessons are there to HELP you live through it, not make it worse!


Remember, you can get in touch with Mrs Lloyd on if you have any questions or just want to tell her something. She can forward messages to the other year 6 teachers if you need her to.