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Vision and Aims 2020 - 2021


At Edge Hill we believe that learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging. Through our broad and stimulating curriculum we aim to equip all children with the knowledge and skills they need for lifelong learning. We believe that every child matters and through positive attitudes and partnership we endeavour to develop the whole child meeting individual needs so that have the confidence and belief in themselves to ‘believe in themselves, achieve and shine every day’


Mission Statement

Everyone will feel valued and believe they can achieve their full potential within a happy, purposeful and safe learning community and through a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, that is challenging, stimulating and active which involves all children so that they can become confident and independent learners that encourages and inspire individuals of all ages through positive, hands-on learning experiences. “Learning for Life together”





  • That are highly confident and can communicate effectively cooperate and learn together
  • Develop respect for others, are honest and have a sense of right and wrong
  • Develop effective school and community citizenship and hold well balanced and views and opinions.
  • That have advanced thinking skills and personal attributes
  • have access to frequent, continuous and progressive experiences in the school grounds, educational visits further afield and residentials, and that these experiences should be utilised as a tool for teaching, learning and delivering the curriculum across all subject areas.


A Curriculum

  • That is broad, balanced and relevant, that is challenging, stimulating, active and involves all children so that can become confident and independent learners that encourages and inspire individuals of all ages through positive, hands-on learning experiences.
  • That is creative, broad and balanced curriculum. This includes ensuring that all pupils have the opportunity to experience the world first hand and have chance to see and take part in activities outside the classroom.
  • That develops Literacy, Numeracy and technological skills and knowledge so that all can access lifelong learning.
  • That celebrates and values individual achievement and promotes equality of opportunity for all.
  • That provides children with opportunities to achieve excellence within their ability and to develop high self-esteem, resilience, empathy and understanding of others
  • That encourages children’s development socially, morally, culturally and spiritually.
  • That provides health education and sex education for older pupils



An Environment

  • Within which every child is valued, respected and cared for and happy
  • That is safe and within which children can feel secure and happy.
  • That is attractive and provides extensive opportunities for learning in and outside the classroom.




  • That are highly trained and well-motivated and determined to provide teaching and learning that meet the needs of all children in school.
  • That are committed to team work and involved in decision making and improvement across the school.
  • That are committed to the well-being, welfare and discipline of all children
  • That are approachable, supportive and understanding of all children






Long Term Plan 2019 - 2022


  • develop active learners with lively and enquiring minds through the establishment of a firm foundation of positive attitudes and skills, and an understanding of themselves as learners.
  • Achieve personal excellence in all aspects of school life, with a high focus placed on effort as well as attainment.
  • promote high standards of behaviour, which reinforces mutual respect, tolerance and understanding of what it is to be a citizen, not only of the school, but of local, national and international societies.
  • provide a well-organised, stimulating, secure and happy learning environment in and outside the classroom in which children’s previous knowledge is challenged and enhanced, and where their best efforts are celebrated.
  • encourage children to develop morally as well as spiritually, to question, debate and seek clarification whilst having the confidence to retain their individuality and an awareness of their self-worth.


  • To achieve this our aim is to work towards all teaching and learning to be outstanding