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Year 3 School Closure Work

As of 22.6.20, we are changing the home learning to incorporate different resources that include some face-to-face teaching videos.


English: Use the Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub to access sequences of lessons.  Click this link to take you to Year 3.  Please start at Week 4 by scrolling down the page. 


Maths: Use the White Rose Home Learning resources.  Click this link to access the Year 3 video lessons.  You can then download matching worksheets for each lesson here in the White Rose Maths folder. 


Foundation Subjects: Continue to use the topic-based resource provided for each week.  If you feel your child would benefit from more face-to-face teaching, feel free to use foundation lessons from the Oak Academy.  We are also adding some other foundation lessons such as French, Science and Geography each week.


** As twinkl is no longer free, please email if there is a resource you have seen and would like us to download for you. **


If you have any queries about the work being set, please email to get in touch with a member of Year 3 staff.


You can also email photos that will go on the website of what you have been getting up to whilst learning at home to: