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Year 4 School Closure Work


Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well smiley. Just a note to clarify that the planning and activities posted on the Year 4 page are suggested activities. We have included lots of resources to appeal to as many people's interests as possible and we do not expect you to complete everything.  Try if possible to complete some reading, English and Maths each week but we also recognise the importance of playing games, being creative, getting into your gardens, learning new skills and having fun together!  If you have questions or concerns at all please remember to contact the Year 4 Team on:


Stay safe and keep smiling.


The Year 4 Team






In addition to the work below, you also have your Purple Mash and Times Tables Rock Star logins in your School Closure book. Parents, please feel free to contact us with any questions and we will get back to you asap at: 


You can also email photos that will go on the website of what you have been getting up to whilst learning at home to:


Remember to stay active and keep smiling. We will see you all soon.