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Year 5 School Closure Work

Week 11


From this week, we are changing the resources that we suggest for you to use.  You should have had a text/email from school about this.


We are going to use the Oak National Academy Resources starting with their resources labelled week 5.


If you have been using the White Rose Maths resources, you will find them in the folders further down the page and we will continue to put them there.


We will also add a French activity and some optional Science investigations.


If you have any queries, don't forget that you can email the Year 5 team on the email address at the start of the School Closure resources.

For White Rose maths activities, scroll down to the folders below.

Week 9


For White Rose maths, scroll down to the folders below.

White Rose Maths resources are in the folders further down the page.  They are labelled Week 7 maths resources.  There are Year 4 and Year 5 sheets depending on your confidence and ability.

Half Term Challenge


It has now been 9 weeks since most of you have seen anyone you know other than the people you live with.  Some of you have been able to stay in touch with friends digitally but some of you might not have done so.


Your 'Caring Challenge' is to try and find out how friends are, especially the ones you haven't been in touch with for a while.  If you don't have a way of contacting them, ask a grown-up in your house if they are able to get in touch with the parents of your friends, maybe through social media.

Week 7


Here is the home learning for this week.  

There is maths learning in the section called White Rose Maths. The Year 4 work is for children finding the Year 5 work difficult. 

White Rose Maths Documents - ongoing uploading




There are 4 sheets per week that link to the video clips on their website. 


Use the fifth day to get super speedy at mental maths using TT Rockstars or Maths games such as Hit the Button ( ).


We will upload work from Year 5 and also Year 4 for those who want to consolidate prior learning.



Week 6 


Here is the Home Learning project for this week. 


We have also added links for other websites with resources that you and your family may prefer to use instead.  We know that children learn in different ways to each other so want to make sure you have access to resources that work best for you.  These are simply suggestions for what you might want to use so pick out the best parts for you.

Purple Mash Blog 

To keep the communication going with you all, the year 5 teachers will be writing a blog on Purple mash for you to see what they’ve been up to! You can post comments on these blogs and let us know what you’ve been doing! We would love to hear from as many of you as possible! 

Here’s how you do it:


- Log on to Purple Mash using your user name and password (this was stuck in your School Closure Book).

- Click on "Sharing" in the top left corner.

- Click on the "Shared Blogs" tab. 
- Have a look for your class blog.
- Open the blog, give it a read and post a comment at the bottom.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Y5 Teachers :)

Week 5


If you are using the White Rose Home Learning, you will find that after 4 weeks, the resources are no longer free.  We are in the process of purchasing a subscription.  We will upload resources as soon as we can.


If you would like suggestions for extra activities, please see the learning from previous weeks.


Once again, please do whatever learning suits the circumstances of your family and email the Year 5 account if you would like to share photos of work or documents showing the completed learning activities.

Week 4


We have added the project for this week.  If you would like more activity suggestions, have a look at the extras from week 3.

Week 3 Home Learning


Hi Year 5,


We hope that you have had a good Easter break with your families.  We'd love to hear how you have got on over the past few weeks so please do email us pictures or messages on the Year 5 email address.


We have now uploaded lots of learning resources for you.  Some of you might want more structured activities so we have put some website suggestions on one of the documents.  Do not feel you have to use all of them.  It depends what you and your family think is best for your home circumstances.  If you have found better resources that help keep your learning going, then feel free to use them.



If you have any queries about the work being set, please email to get in touch with a member of Year 5 staff.


You can also email photos that will go on the website of what you have been getting up to whilst learning at home to:

Well done if you have been working on activities at home and continuing with your learning.  We know it is difficult if parents are trying to work from home while you (and maybe brothers and sisters) are trying to carry on with your learning, especially if you are all trying to get online and share devices at home.


The spellings carry on from the document in Week 1's section.


Children can still access the full range of Purple Mash activities with their logins on the website.  Children have been given their logins for the website.


We have also provided the logins for TTRockstars and Bug Club/Oxford Owl which are in their School Closure Workbook.