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Year 6

See below pictures from the Autumn Term 2016
On Monday 12th December, a group of Year 6 children took part in a tree decorating competition at The Octagon Centre. Edge Hill had their own tree to decorate and the decorations used were handmade by the whole of year 6. There were stars made from lollypop sticks and different sized, handmade baubles, all finished off with a sprinkling of glitter! A group of judges will decide on the winner. Well done to the 6 children who went and decorated the tree, and a special thank you to Miss Starkey and Miss Smith for taking them. Below are some pictures of the Edge Hill Christmas tree and the team of children who decorated it:

Tree decorating competition at The Octagon Centre

As part of the DT curriculum, year 6 made electric buggies. The children began by creating the frame for their buggy, then added wheels. The children then had to create their circuit using batteries, wires and a switch. At the end of the project, the children raced their buggies in the hall. From this, children were able to evaluate their buggies by seeing what went well and what needed to be improved. The overall winners were Dylan and Kurtis, 6G. 
As part of our history topic 'The Victorians' and 'Crime and Punishment', Year 6 visited 'The Galleries of Justice' in Nottingham. Children took part in a tour around the dungeons and discovered the real life stories of Victorian child prisoners. They also acted out a real court scene from Victorian times in a real court room. The roles included: Judge, Prosecution, Defence, witnesses, defendant and the Jury. Children also took part in a Victorian CSI case, where they had to uncover who had committed a crime.  The trip was a great introduction to our topic and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Year 6 trip to The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham