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Year 6 Leavers’ Day 2021

After having slowly arrived at the end of a very long tunnel, we have been able to organise an amazing last day for the children in Year 6.  We felt it was so important that they were able to say goodbye before moving on to the next stage of their lives and education.


Our children have spent the day choosing from a plethora of outdoor activities: dodgeball, archery, cricket, rounders and the trim trail. To see them smiling, laughing and making memories with their friends meant it was an emotional day for all.


The shirt signing was chaotic and loud but the children had a great time permanently marking each other with goodbyes and farewell messages.


In recognition of the hard work and dedication of our children, we held an outdoor good work assembly.  It never ceases to amaze us at how much the children support each other’s successes.


The picnic was ‘awesome’ to quote some of our children.   Sitting with friends, sharing stories about their time at Edge Hill and it was especially lovely to hear them discussing their future and dreams for school and beyond.


The singing and dancing was fun and loads of children wowed us with the Macarena – we even had children ballroom dancing to ‘Livin on a Prayer ‘.


Last week, the children took control over their leavers’ videos and all had an opportunity to shine in their own way.  They showed a lot of creativity and knew exactly what they wanted and directed us in how it should be filmed and edited! The unscripted element of it makes us smile – especially the mistakes.


We have been so proud to see them grow and develop into confident and spirited characters. This really was a day where it was ‘all about the children’ and we wish them well. 


Can we also take this opportunity to thank all of the parents for their lovely gifts, cards, kind words and support.  There are many reasons we do this job and this past 18 months has tested us in so many ways but it’s days like today that remind us why this job is so enjoyable and important.


Year 6 Teachers